Monday, 26 November 2007

r u experienced

This is the second advert music post in a row, scarey.

Italy producer 'Stylophonic' is making a come back soon and his new song "r u experienced" is featured in the new D&G advert, heres done all the music in the previous D&G ad's over the years but now hes making a comeback with less of a big beat feel and more of a electro feel, see the new ad here:

the song reminds me of zzt but with a difference. heres the full original mix:

Stylophonic - r u experienced (original mix)


joe were said...

i spent ages looking for the baby beat box song that was on a d&g advert ages ago, it turned out it wasn't as good as the clip in the advert. i thought no one else had heard of stylophonic! liking your tunes etc.

friend of adrian's and hush house n shiz, from woodbridge x

joe were said...

would also say...check out fake blood remix of gasolina...if you haven't already x

Adamson said...

I just wanted to hear the whole track for once, but it's not the same. I heard it on their myspace, but it wouldn't... go. Ha.