Sunday, 2 September 2007


Ive followed to work of Lifelike (real name Laurent Ash) for a long time now. Ever since Thomas Bangalter and Dj Faclon played his song 'black chess' on the together tour in 2002. From his 2002 e.p 'The cult' he went up and up in success, working with Roman Salzger, Kris Menace and the one and only Alan Braxe. Somehow though. even reaching number 2 in the brittish charts, Lifelike still doesnt get the credit he deserves.
Look out for his new album out soon, heres two songs:

Lifelike - The Cult

Roman Salzger & Lifelike - Radio 84


Anonymous said...

these tracks are a bit to soft for my liking. can u post some of the tracks from your latest mix possibly those boys noize ones :)

Glen aka Yeedo said...

this is nice stuff. i have never heard any lifelike before? Am loving your stuff. heard the digitalism mix and sort of tracked you down to here and myspace. definately recomend your stuff to my mates and hopefully get to check you out in norwich some time